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Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

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Every librarian worth their salt does great things at their library.

Imagine, having the ability to see what others are doing at their library. Promote your library, sharing all kinds of ideas and information with all types of librarians internationally and locally. Think of using a wiki ” a one stop shop”. A place where you can put all this information and gain, learn and create a better and more successful library. You will have the luxury to replicate other people’s success, even add and edit topic without permission.


Author: mejocourt

I am a 2nd year Student enrolled with COSTAATT and currently on my 2nd Term. I am employed with the National Library and Information Systems Authority and have been a Clerk Typist II for the past thirteen years. I have decided to further my education in the field of Librarianship and I am grateful for the opportunity given by COSTAATT to accomplish this goal. NOTE: I am an identical twin!

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