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Here the author brings out a very valid point. Simple adoption of social media will not bring success (that success meaning an increase in use of libraries), there needs to be an alignment of the social media technologies to the library’s strategy, mission, goals, values and overall direction. What he is saying is that librarians need to taylor their social media websites to their needs and outlook.

The word ‘stealing’ may be too strong to use, bearing the fact that Librarians are cautious about plagiarism. The author of course would have had to make very careful observances about many library social media sites to have laid these accusations, however, I strongly believe that his points are quite valid.


Author: mejocourt

I am a 2nd year Student enrolled with COSTAATT and currently on my 2nd Term. I am employed with the National Library and Information Systems Authority and have been a Clerk Typist II for the past thirteen years. I have decided to further my education in the field of Librarianship and I am grateful for the opportunity given by COSTAATT to accomplish this goal. NOTE: I am an identical twin!

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